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Get ready, Player 2... Lore has done it again with a fun concept we've collaborated on with these P2s. This special design will only ever be available on the P2 and is available for a limited time, get yours!

At Discmania, we want to create the most attractive products in disc golf — both to your eyes and to your scorecard.

This is our icon - the P2 - reinvented. For over a decade the P2 has been the gold standard of putters. We wanted to take that standard and take it to a level that is unmatched in disc golf.

The New P2 has the same straight-to-stable flight you have known for years, but with two new features. We’ve developed a unique texture to give you the best grip available on any baseline plastic on any conditions. We know that every disc golfer prefers a different amount of flex in their putters. Some like their putter super soft while others want them rock hard.

Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 1


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