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Who we are: Major Chains Disc Golf is a family and Veteran owned disc golf store owned and operated by the Davis Family. Anthony and Ashley plus the kids (Cayden, Emmalyn and Carter) plus the dogs (Lilac, Elway and Sheldon Pooper) plus the cat (Winnie) plus the fish (you get the idea). Together we created Major Chains Disc Golf as a result of Anthony's love of the sport. 

How the store came to be: Honestly? We were driving and started throwing around the idea of "what could be" in a store. Anthony has a passion for the sport and spreading the knowledge of "what is disc golf?". Throw that into the mix of some very impulsive people and BAM! You've got a store! 

A little more about Anthony: Anthony has been a stay at home dad to his three kids, three dogs, cat, fish.... for the last 4 years. Before that, he was in the Air Force and as a civilian, worked in finance. Anthony started playing disc golf in 2019 and jumped in head first! While he isn't the best at playing the sport, he loves the opportunity to be involved and grow the sport. After just a few months of playing he jumped into being a tournament director (TD) and shortly after moving to a new state, jumped right back into the TD role and organizing a local league. 
Veteran Owned: Anthony and Ashley both served in the Air Force. Funny enough, that's how they met! 

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About Us

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world! The growth of the sport can be attributed to the ability to socially distance (or not) and enjoy nature for a fairly inexpensive experience. Disc golf is played similarly to ball golf but instead of clubs and a ball, you use discs. Discs range anywhere from a putter, midrange, fairway driver or a driver. (Check out a "What kind of disc do I need" to learn more about the types of disc.) 

Major Chains Disc Golf is Dalton, GA only exclusive disc golf store. We carry everything you need 

to play disc golf. Whether you are just getting started and want to learn or you are a seasoned veteran

we have what you need to meet your disc golf goals. 

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